Hetalia: The Beautiful World - Episode 2

Okay but I grew up believing brown eyes were the most beautiful and desirable eye colour-


Relaxing anatomy practice doodle, away from trying to make faces look good.

I really love this pairing. Obligatory protective bro Netherlands because I find the trio’s dynamics to be cute. D-Don’t ask me what kind of dog that is because I can’t draw retrievers from memory.

To the two anons that sent me asks just there, no hard feelings but I would really rather not say.

Anonymous: I CAN FEE L MY FAC E MELTIN G OFF I N E E D T O K N O W im literally going to cry is that what you really want huh pal ????

hhhhh it really really isn’t important! >.<



5 things that make me very, very happy:

  • aph germany with dogs
  • aph sweden being a caring papa
  • cultural/historical/political hetalia
  • aph nations wearing band/fandom shirts
  • aph denmark nachos


  • aph netherlands suffocating under bunnies
  • flirty aph romano
  • aph prussia NOT BEING DEAD AND SAD
  • aph denmark nachos with extra cheese

Anonymous: it's either snk or free! probably right am i right

omg. no #snk is ehh but i like #free! so nope neither of them