~~DenNor Punk//Nerd AU~~

Can’t deny that this was inspired by cheriiart's Destiel Punk/Nerd piece and the idea of the cross being shaved into the side of Cas' head worked as a solution to Norway's “missing” hairpin problem I was having. The tattoo's on Norway would be a bunch of Norse mythology stuff, but mostly depicting Ragnarök and the gods.


Imagine Denmark teaching Iceland to play piano, helping him through the harder pieces, patiently sitting through long hours of practice and private concerts, always happy to listen and never overly critical, just helpfully offering advice and gentle corrections when needed.



The Nordics as pirates ~3~

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▶ Ash and Blood


ducere wanted more tattoed Nordics. I agreed. There’s always room for more.


Sweden winches and for a moment tenses as the needle pierces his skin.
“Told you it hurt,” Denmark laughs and flashes his brother a smile.
All he gets in return is a grimace from Sweden and a glare from Norway.

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lion of the north, yah?



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